thoughts of the moment...

My ancestors turned in their family members as witches. There is also a history of not living near blood relatives. I wonder if the two are connected?

I have a BFA in Fiber Design from College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI, and am also a certified welder. 
I begin sculptures from intuitive sketches that claim they must be more than sketches. Primarily steel, the sculptures incorporate found materials that have form or tactile or visual qualities that I appreciate, or can be formed further. 

I think is important to try and engage the people and things around us as they are. Some are willing to give up some control to make something new. Some retain their original form that is honored in the new combination. Some are left for other people to experience.

I am interested in people and their motivations, evolutionary and social psychology, feminism, empathy, altruism, politics, the way things work, rudimentary kinetics, armchair surgery, organic process and nature.

c 2020 Ann Smith