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A photo of the artist smiling, wearing highly patterned outfit at an art opening

thoughts of the moment...

My mixed-media sculptures reflect intersections of civilization and nature, and humans as a part of Nature.

In building these sculptural analogies, the artifacts collected from my personal landscape become important. I don't want to simply consume more via art-making. I use items that might typically be discarded, by myself or others as much as possible. My reverence for Nature and the concept of “enough” guides my acquisitions. Political signs provide steel for welding armatures. Old tax returns and bills to shred become a paper clay. Rope and twine are unraveled or woven into the clothing of the sculptures. Wood, Bark, Fish Scales, Seeds, and Pine needles are scavenged, and reference their own role in nature's systems.

These sculptural accretions are visual artifacts of the thoughts and experiences of one contemporary organism, and investigate my place in the system.

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