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Time Trade - Responsive Website


 Time Trade is a community hour exchange based in Southeast Michigan. The target audience is people of all ages who need help or like to work with others to accomplish, learn, share, grow, and have fun.
Research indicated that isolation and lack of knowledge about resources impacts community health. People feel disconnected, and unable to accomplish tasks on their own. Time Trade's website  promotes helpfulness in the community, and facilitates healthy fun.

My Responsibilities

Conduct interviews, competitive research, personas, information architecture, wireframes, design, prototype, usability testing, iteration, mockups, high fidelity prototype, accessibility considerations for responsive website.

Development of different screen sizes for a responsive website
Persona 1 -thoughts and needs regarding a community-based task sharing website
Screens for Time Trade mobile app.


Interviews indicated that there's a great interest in Time Banks, but there is little information about local resources. Going to the local websites yields little information to entice new participants. By giving some transparency to the local Time Banks both the organizations and the participants would benefit.

By tapping into the community spirit. I discovered their unmet needs and unspoken desires. The website was designed to seem immediately familiar and to offer knowledge as well as fun.
The members themselves were featured as a way to create familiarity and community. A calendar was added as an entry point to the community via public events. Separate sections for sharing skills, and general fun activities were created. And by having different levels of involvement on the sign up, the participant controls their level of commitment.


Usability testing uncovered frustrations and fears from the participants. Information and designs were adjusted and iterated to meet the needs for easy viewing of information as well as privacy concerns.

Prototypes for different sized screens were created and tested

Ultimately, all study participants had enough information and interest to pursue membership to Time Trade. 

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